ART by e'layne
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ART by e'layne

ART by e'layne

It takes a village

Posted on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

The saying goes…it takes a village to raise a child…I think I knew that instinctively when I moved to an intentional community 20 years ago…our community isn’t founded on religious beliefs or common dogma…we are diverse in many ways. Our community is based on love for our families and respect for others…at least that is my take on it after all these years. This community is 37 years old and many of our children have chosen to come back here after exploring the wide world to raise their children. The wheel of life keeps on turning…we cook for our neighbors when they are sick…and yes, dying…and we dance wildly and celebrate at our weddings and holiday celebrations…thanks to our friend Ruthie some of us dressed up in “Where the Wild Things Are” costumes and danced to Sly’s “I Want to Take You Higher” at our New Years celebration…I have the video to prove it….and our love spills over to our neighbors across the street. There is a home teeming with children…I would be hard pressed to tell you how many. And my loving community gives so much to these children…love and clothes and friendship.


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What is beyond this disorganization?????

Posted on Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

My reoccurring theme for personal growth and happiness lies in the practice of simplicity…dare I call it my current “issue”…how about growth opportunity….as the decades unfold there has become a poignancy…almost an urgency…to live life fully….to the edges and depths…to peal away the superfluous…to get to the heart of the matter…in love, in communication, in right livelihood and right relationships…I remember a cosmic moment around my 40th birthday. I wrote on my studio wall, “what is beyond this disorganization,” and I knew in that moment those words were a key to happiness and personal and professional success. More than a decade and a half later I am getting to the place where disorganization screams louder, demanding vigilance for it to be overcome or at least tamed (not an easy task for a wild woman).


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W H O are these 3 Hip Chics???

Posted on Thursday, July 15th, 2010

The face of 3 Hip Chics has changed…but before I get into that…a little herstory…I founded my art biz, Gypsy In Me, 27 years ago on Maui, Hawaii…selling hand painted tee shirts. Fast forward a decade and a half and Wild Woman Gallery was born in Cedar Key, Florida, with business partners and dear friends, Alba and Teresa. (more…)

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Six pages in Sommerset Studio!!! and the infinite organizing power of the universe

Posted on Friday, July 2nd, 2010

It was over a year ago at a Tony Robbins seminar that I wrote a list of goals and then mailed them to myself…I still haven’t opened them but my most important “art” goal was to get published in Somerset Studios. When I saw a call for submissions of artwork inspired by fashion it spoke to me. I had just done a photo shoot at Railroad Square Art Park with two super beautifully creative friends…I am in love with photo collage these days and incorporated the photos taken that day with many collage techniques creating seven pieces for submission. (more…)

One response to “Six pages in Sommerset Studio!!! and the infinite organizing power of the universe”

  1. Prakash says:

    wow, that is beautiful I love palniyg with textures and filters too, bit box o’ chocolates, never know what you’re gonna get I particularly love the colours, and the overall fairytale-fantastic atmosphere thank you for sharing!!1

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