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ART by e'layne

ART by e'layne

“Creative” Reflection on 2010

Posted on Saturday, January 1st, 2011

I realize so often I am looking forward in my life and more specifically my business… at the endless “to do” list…and it occurred to me last week I need to look back over the year at my accomplishments and give thanks for having the health, creativity and support to do what I do…When I say my accomplishments I must exclaim in the business of 3 Hip Chics I could never do what I do without my partner, Lora. We work really well together and in the gratitude list…wow…she is at the top…she is such a friend to my mom who has Alzheimer’s and Lora even makes that journey rich…Because Lora has taken on all the wholesale production work this year it freed me  up to make more original art and to focus on the whole “e” world.  I sent my first submission to Somerset Studio this year and was published…big big smile…This year I have had four articles and artwork accepted…two will be published in 2011.  I love the craft of writing almost as much as making art so this accomplishment has been so fulfilling…I have combed the pages of Stampington publications for ten years with excitement and awe…as I’m typing this I’m realizing my biggest accomplishment this year…I have found “my art”…people laugh at me when I say this because I’ve had a successful art business for over 25 years…but something is different…and I know how it happened….it happened when I took the submission suggestion of “vogue” for the July Somerset issue…by taking a prompt that wasn’t from my brain…it took me to a different place…I should have known this would happen…I wrote with a group of awesome women for years and I would make up prompts for us to write from…and all of our writings were so rich, fresh and original..

Of all the achievements in 2010…two blogs…three facebook pages…constant contact…newsletters…mailing lists…talking with licensing consultant… five new lines of work… taking a prompt and running with it has so much to do with the momentum that is happening now…that and the constant attempt to get more organized…so join me in a creative challenge if you would like… 
My hypothesis is when we lighten our load it frees up more space  for creativity…looking forward to what that will bring in 2011…many blessings to all of you in this new year…may your wildest longings be recognized and fulfilled…p e a c e and l o v e

One response to ““Creative” Reflection on 2010”

  1. CrhRistoper says:

    I wanted to tanhks for your time for this terrific read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it.I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you article.

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Call to Artists – Interview on French TV – WOW

Posted on Friday, December 10th, 2010


Life happens at the speed of light some days…and  moves me faster that I’d like to be moved..this morning is one of those days…I wasn’t quite ready to put this blog out into the wide world….BUT…just got an email from a journalist working for an environmental program called Global mag …she wants to interview me this morning via webcam and Skipe for a French TV show…ok…in between massage and getting ready for an art show later today fit in figuring out webcam and Skype…oh yes..finish my article for Somerset Apprentice to email today…and most importantly to let you all know about this wonderful opportunity to “Get Rid of a 1,000 Things Challenge”.  The details are on the tabs…I would love everyone to join the challenge and if you are an artist and  want to be involved in the book project that will be birthed from this endeavor…please email me at …..there will be a link but I can’t put that on my to do list today….many blessings…i’m so excited to simplify my life to make room for more creativity…but the universe seems to fill the void so quickly with the next thing to do…is simplicity all an illusion…lol…the trick…i think…is to enjoy the ride…oh, yes..and to get rid of all the crap that weighs us down…hugs (more…)

4 responses to “Call to Artists – Interview on French TV – WOW”

  1. Hey e’Layne, thanks for calling me amazing, prolific and inspiring. But the one adjective you forgot was that I am also a little OCD!!! Now why don’t you challenge me to do something physically healthy? Like throw away 1000 pieces of chocolate or eat 1000 less calories this month I could sure use that mow that show season is over for a spell!!!!

  2. ArtSnark says:

    A hearty congrats on the interview & pending article & book! You & your friend are an inspiration 😀 I look forward to taking this challenge

  3. I didn’t only take the challenge…I embraced it and did it. I wish everyone would try it. Even if you only go half way, it is liberating beyond words!

    Un-clutter your life.

    Donate to charity

    Free up space for those things that are most important… the love of family and friends, boundless creativity and energy and the irrepressible sound of your own laughter!

    Do it! Your life will never be the same again!

    • Claudiu says:

      – This is fabulous! Congratulations! I read a lot about it thogruh Linda and Rebecca’s blogs, but it’s great to see these layouts! If, in the future, you find yourself short a dog artist for one of these collaborative projects, please give me a shout!! Keep up the great work! ~Christine (i heart dogs studio)

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Get Rid of a 1000 Things Challenge

Posted on Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

I must say hearing about the 100 Thing Challenge… …really got my attention. Here is the gist of it: (more…)

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Who’s Toulouse?

Posted on Friday, October 8th, 2010

I received a call last month from a lovely woman at the charming gallery “A Little Room for Art” on St Pete Beach…the town I grew up in. Little Room is a ten year old art co-op that I’ve been a part of for almost that long. Mary asked me if I’d like to be the featured artist for October to display original art…and excited “sure” came out of my mouth…words not attached to my brain…not grocking how much work it was going to be to create at least 12 pieces of new art in a very short period of time…so now you know why I haven’t had a blog entry for a month!!! I love the Little Room. (more…)

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Work sent to Art House Coop

Posted on Monday, September 6th, 2010

Hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend…I fell off the blog wagon…Kelly Rae’s class was so intense that I think I had to balance all that left brain stuff with and equal dose of right brain activity…actually I jumped right into Claudine’s class and that has been really low key…I haven’t been doing all the tasks in the class but I’ve been incorporating techniques learned in my work and just adore her little videos and style.


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