ART by e'layne
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ART by e'layne

ART by e'layne

Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday – Week 5

Posted on Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Life is full as always.  Much of my life has been spent fixing up homes and galleries…painting, decorating and attempting to organize.  And I feel like I’ve been attempting to organize much of my life.  Before marriage and a child I lived rather sparely.  As I look back at that time there was clearly one very large difference…I wasn’t a full time artist.  And so my life of disorganization began.  I made a huge…HUGE….mistake about 23 years ago.  In an attempt to have a spacious house…I build my home without many closets.  It’s not easy to get organized without places to put stuff.  I remember two decades ago writing on my studio wall, “what is beyond this disorganization”.  I have glimmers of what it is…unbridled creativity and freedom from stuff…caring for stuff, looking for stuff, tripping over stuff.  And I do know stuff isn’t precious…time is precious…friends and family are precious…health is precious.

I’ve recently had to move my mom into assisted living and have moved into her home (more painting and decorating).  In doing this I’ve packed up my entire studio to move it from Tallahassee to St. Pete Beach.  The move has made me look at everything I own and make decisions to keep it, donate it or pitch it.  This weeks Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday (CLLW) came to me as I was looking at how many pieces of art I’ve started and haven’t finished….amazing!!  Now I’m not beating myself up about it because I actually do complete a lot of artwork and tasks that I begin.  BUT I start soooooo many projects…and so my life lesson this week and for future CLLW’s is to pull out the work that I’ve begun…work that has a story to tell and art that doesn’t want to live in a paper bag or a drawer…work that wants a new home.  The other thing I’ve done is made copies of all my art to sell and I’ve kept originals.  And so I need to complete my dormant art projects and get them out into the world…maybe on one of the Etsy sites I’ve started and haven’t kept up with!!!  Wasn’t my word for this year FOCUS…oh, well…we are always learning…lol.

IMG_8387-2Longing to be finished

IMG_8388-1thanks for visiting

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Collage Life Lessons Wednesday – Week 4

Posted on Friday, September 13th, 2013

Well it’s Friday…I had to travel and didn’t get back until Wednesday thus the delay…life happens…lol.   First I played around with some Gelli prints…tried them on parchment paper and wasn’t wowed.  I was tired and not feeling the creative juices flowing.   I made five prints and was going into the house to play around with them when my eye caught a sheet of flowers…popped out the flowers and it left a very cool stencil….back to making two more Gelli prints.  I was happy with them and started playing around with a bunch of my photos…cutting out random shapes and arranging them on the print.  What did I learn…I’m really bad about gluing things down and finishing them.  And with a camera and digital magic I don’t have to…just snap the photo and play with it in…no gluing required…and I’ve never just started cutting my photos apart and had a blast doing it…so  didn’t learn anything profound but certainly had fun!!! and FUN matters.


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Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday – Week 3

Posted on Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Don’t they say if you do something for 3 weeks it’s a habit…does doing something once a week for three weeks constitute a habit…I sure hope so.  What did I learn this week…well…I knew when I started this commitment I’d be leaving tomorrow for Tallahassee.  I started projecting all the things I had to do and wondering how I’d get it all done.  Stay in the moment e’Layne!!! Quit jumping ahead and projecting…stop it.  Cause you know what…in actuality it wasn’t anxiety producing.  Even though I had tons of things to do today I looked forward to coming home and working on art.  And it was effortless.  I let it be easy…took two backgrounds I made from last week’s lesson and created two pieces I love.  I use to do Trager body work and a big lesson in Trager is to always ask, “What could be easier”?  What can always be easier is to….stay in the moment!!!  Needs to be my mantra.  I think the name of this piece needs to be…yes, you guess it….


Stay in the Moment


Going to Find My Joy

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Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday – Week 2

Posted on Thursday, August 29th, 2013

So it’s my second week of Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday.  As Wednesday approached I found myself excited that I was making art time…no matter what.  I decided to play with my Gelli plate that has been in it’s original box since I purchased it months ago for a class with Dina Wakley.  I started out doing a few prints with deep colors and very square designs and quickly found out that wasn’t reflective of my mood.  Subtle light blues and greens with circles and lace were my choices de jour.

And what did I learn…it’s great to set a goal for studio time.  My “plan” doesn’t have to be grand, I don’t need a huge chunk of time and I don’t have to create masterpieces.  Just to play is enough…no preconceived ideas, no judgment and no goals other than get my butt into the studio.  Collage Life Lesson’s Wednesday spilled into Thursday because I was having so much fun.  And other thing…I’ve fallen in love with my Gelli plate…so much so I want an even bigger one.  After I scanned my images I pulled them into and had even more fun.  Happy, happy…joy, joy!!! Thanks for visiting.

The Grand Finale


The Beginnings

After Picmonkey and Collage



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Off Sugar

Posted on Friday, August 23rd, 2013

It is so awesome to be off sugar for the first time in my life…I ate the “right” sugars…organic maple syrup…coconut vanilla creamer…and had rising cholesterol, osteoporosis and a little too high blood pressure…I say had because I’ve done the
Whole30 for about 24 days now (baby cheat and started over…just sayin’)…and it’s amazing how great I feel (I know it is/will reverse the above issues)…I fought demons for the first couple of days…but I was fierce and won…not saying i won’t ever do sugar again (not doing beans, grains, dairy either) but I can say I do know how I feel off sugar and it’s the first time in my life I can say that (minus periodic fasting)…Love having the visceral information.

And I can say it’s really easy…at least it is for me…and Lora is doing it, too…and she is not complaining).  I think it’s perfect for addictive personalities (I personally believe we are all addicted to something…food, computers, shopping and all the obvious vices)…usually with diets you have to moderate food intake.  Well it’s hard as hell to stop eating a delicious piece of cheese not too mention quit after a few bites of gelato.  With Whole30 (and the Paleo Diet) you refrain from sugar, dairy, gains and beans.  It’s a lot easier for me to eliminate something….simplify than portion control (or lack thereof).  I’m delighted at the increased concentration, sense of peace, loss of weight and easy sleep (something that has evaded me for many years).  I’ve always heard sugar is the most addiction substance on the planet…I know one things for sure we don’t have to look far to find if’s trail of destruction.
Just read this on my friends Facebook page..
This addictive and commonly consumed food feeds cancer cells, triggers weight gain, and promotes premature aging.

* Sugar can decrease growth hormone (the key to staying youthful and lean)
* Sugar feeds cancer
* Sugar increases cholesterol
* Sugar can weaken eyesight
* Sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children
* Sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein
* Sugar causes food allergies
* Sugar contributes to diabetes
* Sugar can contribute to eczema in children
* Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease
* Sugar can impair the structure of DNA
* Sugar can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness in children
* Sugar contributes to the reduction in defense against bacterial infection (infectious diseases)
Sugar greatly assists the uncontrolled growth of Candida Albicans (yeast infections)
* Sugar contributes to osteoporosis

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