ART by e'layne
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ART by e'layne

ART by e'layne

Collage Life Lessons Wednesday – Week 8

Posted on Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Well I lost about a month of Wednesdays…but I’m back…yes…it’s Sunday but I started this art piece Wednesday…does that count?  The month was filled with magic….teaching and hosting workshops and retreats.  I was feeling really tender Wednesday when I started this piece.  My mom took a fall and with her Alzheimer’s it makes everything a bit more challenging.  Life is always full of change and my life the past couple of years has certainly been that…mostly in really wonderful ways…peppered with a few bumps.  And also with change fear can creep in and a bit of uncertainty.  My lesson is to just get out of my head…we can never figure all of life out and we will never have all the answers…ever.  So following passion seems to be my guiding light…my beacon when times are a bit dark.  Art keeps me in the moment, calms my mind and feeds my soul.  It makes me feel whole and it reminds me of all the blessings life has to offer.  This piece is called Life is Fragile.

IMG_8791I love snapping a picture and turning it into art…

IMG_8793All glued down and ready to tone it done a bit


Starting to white out background

IMG_8824-1Yes, Life is Fragile…and so are our hearts…we must handle them with love and care. xxoxoxo, e’Layne


5 responses to “Collage Life Lessons Wednesday – Week 8”

  1. What a beautiful piece e”Layne. Love it!

  2. Summer Cider says:

    How wonderful!! Expresses so very much! Love it!!

  3. AdminE says:

    Thank you so much!!! Aimee owns it….how sweet is that.

  4. deb taylor says:

    I want to come play with you

    • AdminE says:

      Would love you to!!! Will be doing several workshops in Feb at Whimzeyland in Safety Harbor..check out how over the top spectacular this place is!!! …and I’ll always come your way if there is a tribe gathered…have tribe…will….LOVE your blog…and your mailbox…and your stones…your just so darn cool and colorful!! xoxoxo

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The Opening of Tribe Wild Women Art Centre – Part 2

Posted on Monday, October 28th, 2013

Saturday everyone busily worked on their Tribe Wild Women Memory Keepers.  We weaved words into the Memory Keepers that reminded us of qualities we want to bring into our lives.


IMG_8511-1We enjoyed lunch outside…the air was a bit crisp and the Gulf breezes and good company feed our souls!!

IMG_8434-1We were suppose to go back to my house for a barbeque dinner but Lynn and Kiaralinda thought it would be great to go to St Pete’s Second Saturday Gallery Hop.  It was so cool how we all changed our plans on a dime….effortlessly….and decided to meet at Duncan McClellan Glass Studio

It was a magical evening.  Duncan has build a glass compound in downtown St Pete.  He has a huge hot shop, a stellar gallery and the space is also home to Duncan and his new adorable wife.  Lynn and Kiaralinda did shows for years with Duncan so our class had the pleasure of meeting him.  If you are ever in St Pete be sure to check out Duncan’s studio…it’s awesome!!!

IMG_8530-1IMG_8556-1IMG_8545After our blissful evening at Duncan’s we all went to The Taco Bus and ended our evening with full hearts and bellies.  One more day to go…I’ll do part 3 tomorrow….nite nite.

2 responses to “The Opening of Tribe Wild Women Art Centre – Part 2”

  1. Elise says:

    Hi Elayne,
    I love all of your artwork, and appreciate your life’s journey. The workshops you do look incredible!
    Take care,

    • AdminE says:

      Thank you so much Elise!!! I love your work…I bet your studio is just awesome…ah, the art of collecting. We both start our bio about working with our hands at age four…that’s where all the juice is…our childhood innocence and wonder and what a blessing we can still access that energy….many blessings and thanks for connecting.

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The Opening of Tribe Wild Women Art Centre – Part 1

Posted on Thursday, October 24th, 2013

The house is quiet today…the first day in weeks.  Our home has been bustling with women…women weaving creativity, emotion, authenticity, friendship and boat loads of love into a newly formed Tribe.  The Joy of Collage workshop was in the planning stages for months and Lynn Whipple and I envisioned a nourishing retreat for women to create beautiful art, restore our vital energy and celebrate our gorgeous, intuitive self’s. The excitement built with a frenzy until we finally gathered two weeks ago around the pool at our St Pete Beach home…aka….Tribe Wild Women Art Centre.  The bonding was immediate as we shared tidbits of our lives while the sun faded into the horizon and the twinkle lights illuminated our sparking eyes.  We were giddy and it wasn’t just because of the Margaretta’s!!!   The glorious evening left us all wanting more.

1384258_1015197549074_1231690419_ntoo bad we were all so shy!!!

We gathered at Suntan Art Center the next morning in the shadow of the Don Cesar…so ready to savor three days on the beautiful Gulf.  We did a little ritual to get rid of anything that held us from being our totally wild, exuberantly creative selves.  Before we started making art we strolled a few sandy steps away from our classroom to the waters edge…what a delicious way to start the day…


Lynn and I taught some mixed media techniques and everyone dove into the creative adventure of tearing paper and combing through images and the car fulls of art supplies and treasures we carted into the room.


At days end we didn’t want our time together to end so we made our way next door to the Don Cesar’s pool bar.  We all sported blinky’s…sold to benefit The Safety Harbor Art and Music Center (SHAMC)…the birth mama of this center is the amazing Kiaralinda and wherever Kiaralinda is….it’s guaranteed there will be photos of people sporting blinys!!!


We went from the pool bar to the waters edge and enjoyed the sunset…the end of our first full day together….and happily we have two more days together!!!




7 responses to “The Opening of Tribe Wild Women Art Centre – Part 1”

  1. So happy to be a part of such a wonderful adventure!! XOXO

  2. Lynn Whipple says:

    I am still beaming with joy and great memories of our time together!
    You and Lora made us all feel so at home! A natural nourisher and gifted artist and teacher, you are e’Layne. Can’t wait to do it again. The friendships that resulted over our weekend are priceless. I know our tribe will be close for a long time to come. And the art that was created was astounding, beautiful and meaningful!!! It was a wonder filled and artful time!!
    Big lOve!!!

  3. Lynn Whipple says:

    A beautiful description of a stellar day!
    Thank you e’Layne!!
    And three cheers and a happy dance for the Tribe Wild Woman Art Center! A place I want to be and enjoy often!
    LOVEYA !!!!!!!!

  4. kiaralinda says:

    I’m so grateful to have been part of the first dirty dozen of the Tribe Wild Women……the first was not the last of these artistic gathering and workshops i’m sure of that!!! The two powerful joyful women leading this workshop shared so much of themselves and created a space where we all felt open enough to let us share ourselves with each other. Bonds were created that will last a lifetime…friendships solidified thru creative process. Many techniques were taught in a tag team fashion where Lynn and E’Layne played off of each others ideas and learning new collage techniques resulted in being in collage/mixed media heaven. We created a “Memory Keeper/SelfPortrait by using all the techniques we wanted to….lynn and e’layned allowed us to put ourselves into it and we certainly took them up on that… Art and boundless artistic energy and a room full of amazing women made this an experience that i will never forget….Abundant Thanks and Love to my new Tribe…….. xoxoxoxo Kiaralinda…aka The Lucky Hippy Gypsy

  5. Karen V says:

    SO grateful to have been a part of this special weekend! I feel lucky to have met this wonderful group of women and for the guidance of such loving and generous teachers. YOu are the best! Many thanks and big hugs,

  6. Summer Cider says:

    This class opened up a whole new world to me. A wonderful informative and fun class to just be YOU!! I just smile inside when I think of the wonderful magic that occurred when we created Tribe Wild Women!! For years for many reasons I had to leave my ART behind and never felt I was my authentic self. This opened up my soul and filled my spirit with happiness. Such a fantastic class and such a special time. My cup is running over!!
    Love, Summer

  7. AdminE says:

    Thank you all so much…the gift of love and friendship has grown so beautifully from our tribes gathering…huge hugs and gratitude!!!

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Collage Life Lessons Wednesday – Week 7

Posted on Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Wow…where does the time go…it’s Saturday not Wednesday…oops.  My lesson a couple of weeks ago was to finish art that I started years ago.  I began CLLW working on just that…but then “art” had a mind of it’s own.  I had orange paint left over and I didn’t want to waste paint.  A couple of year ago I took a wonderful workshop from the Oiseaux Sisters.  Dear Susan made us so mindful of everything we were using.  She wastes nothing.  When paint is left on the palette it was to go onto book pages to use for another project.  Well the page I was putting the unused paint on became more interesting to me than the piece I was working on.  And once again I abandoned the “old” piece I was going to finish and made a new piece of art.

The lesson is to go with the flow…it’s fine to have a plan…and it’s also fine to be flexible.  My flexibility yielded me a piece of art I really like….I had the realization recently that I need to spend more time manifesting my own dreams…writing my life story…and the message came through in this piece of art.IMG_8409-1the “old” piece I was working on

IMG_8407-1journal page with used paint

IMG_8413-1what the journal page turned into



2 responses to “Collage Life Lessons Wednesday – Week 7”

  1. Summer says:

    I see myself on that tree,as a small leaf. Eventually,I will be strong enough to blow away, and play with the other leaves!

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Collage Life Lessons Wednesday – Week 6

Posted on Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Well last week my revelation was that I didn’t need to start new art…I needed to complete the work longing to be finished and given a new home…it deserves to come out of  paper bags and drawers.   My intention was to work on unfinished art this week but I am teaching a class in a couple of weeks and want to make goody bags for all the participants…so decorating the goody bags became my Wednesday project.  I thought I would just put on a few pieces of paper and stamp them…well they got more elaborate than I expected.  It affirmed my desire to give value added to everything I do.  And I realize I need to give just the right amount of added value.  What I mean by this is I’m realizing my tendency to keep adding “more”…for example when teaching I want to teach EVERY technique I know…and that just overwhelms people.  So I think my lesson this week is to pace myself…more isn’t always better…just another reminder to keep things simpler…sweet…and simple.

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