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ART by e'layne
About Us

Meet the 3 Hip Chics, E’Layne Koenigsberg, Lora Davids and Collie Nena. 3 Hip Chics is our fun company name for the production wing of Art by E’Layne. We believe in wonder, magic and the power of dreaming big. We believe people are innately good…we all have a little angel inside in spite of our human frailties!!! We like to laugh, eat good food, enjoy our community and help make the world a gentler place.

We hire friends and neighbors and pay a living wage. Whenever possible we buy recycled packing products or they can be recycled and are ecologically sound. We try to buy locally when possible to tread lightly on Mother Earth…so our children and their children’s children can enjoy the beauty we get so much pleasure in experiencing.

We support everyone in following their hearts’ desires and want everybody to thrive and prosper. To that end, a percentage of our company’s profits are used locally and globally to support causes in which we believe.

E’Layne Koenigsberg

I am dizzy with ideas and absorbed in the arts in every aspect of my life. Even though I’ve been a working artist for decades there is a bubbling wellspring of creativity that is so new and fresh…the excitement keeps me awake when I should be sleeping!!! My current focus in addition to creating mixed media collage woven with words is working with artists as an Artist Empowerment Coach and teaching workshop…for more of my life’s wanderings see the “My Journey” tab..

Lora Davids

I’ve been an artist all my life. When I was young, my mother was constantly doing little art projects to make our home beautiful. Like the Shake & Bake commercial, “I helped.” My mood is my driving force for creativity. When I’m rebellious, my art is rebellious. When I have a broken heart, my art displays a broken heart. I lived in Albuquerque for 18 months and it inspired a lot of Native American, Southwest adobe art. Art is in my soul and has no fear expressing itself.

I met E’Layne and her photo of the drain pipe angels in 2006. Of course I was amazed and had to see them for myself, so I went on the pilgrimage to the coast of California to photograph E’Layne photographing the angels. Though they are no longer visible as before, they still stand behind the massive rock that has formed. It’s simply awesome. I feel very blessed to be a part of this venture.


Nena was saved thanks to Collie Rescue.  Nena’s mother was dropped off three days before Nena was born and all puppies and mom needed to be adopted.  I adopted Nena when she was one…she is now going on twelve.  It’s a real stretch to call Nena a hip chics because she is very shy.  She does hold a very important place in the company…she who provides unconditional love.

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