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Thanks for visiting Art by E’Layne!!!

When I reflect on my life’s journey to date it is clear that my dreams have become my reality…there have been some steep hills to climbs but what I know in my bones to be true is that we create our life. I have toiled barren soil with the richness of art, the lessons of mentors, the pain of death and the joy of birth, the hand of faith and with the love of an extended family…and most pointedly with a dream…a dream that much of the time defies logic.

The soul’s food that has fueled this journey is photography, writing, mixed media collage peppered with psychology, spiritual teachings, Jungian dream work and a heaping serving of love.
I also want to introduce 3 Hip Chics…the production wing of Art by E’Layne. The other hip chics are the joyful Lora Davids and our lovely Collie, Nena. We are wishing you all good things…stay in touch!!!

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